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Gulf Coast native sheep

Gulf Coast native sheep primarily raised for meat. Native to the Gulf Coast border of the USA. A very rear breed, which has a distinctive ability to survive in the hot humid climate of the Gulf Coast. …

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Delaine Merino characteristics

Delaine Merino raised primarily for wool. The breed is developed in the United States. Their wool is strong, fine, soft, dense and uniform in length. Delaine Merino breed information A medium-sized body that one of the …

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Debouillet sheep, about Debouillet sheep, Debouillet sheep appearance, Debouillet sheep breed, Debouillet sheep breed info, Debouillet sheep breed facts, Debouillet sheep care, caring Debouillet sheep, Debouillet sheep color, Debouillet sheep characteristics, Debouillet sheep development, Debouillet sheep ewes, Debouillet sheep facts, Debouillet sheep for meat, Debouillet sheep for wool, Debouillet sheep farms, Debouillet sheep farming, Debouillet sheep history, Debouillet sheep horns, Debouillet sheep info, Debouillet sheep images, Debouillet sheep lambs, Debouillet sheep meat, Debouillet sheep origin, Debouillet sheep photos, Debouillet sheep pictures, Debouillet sheep rarity, raising Debouillet sheep, Debouillet sheep rearing, Debouillet sheep size, Debouillet sheep temperament, Debouillet sheep tame, Debouillet sheep uses, Debouillet sheep varieties, Debouillet sheep weight, Debouillet sheep wool

Debouillet sheep characteristics

Debouillet sheep are raised primarily for wool. The breed is developed in the Tatum area of New Mexico(USA) by crossing Delaine-Merino and Rambouillet. Debouillet sheep breed information The breed is medium-sized, with white color. The mature …

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American Columbia sheep

Columbia sheep is a dual-purpose breed, which is raised for meat and wool. The breed is developed in the United States. The object of the cross between Lincoln rams with Rambouillet ewes was to create a …

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