Thank you

I love your contributions. The love you have shown to me is unmatched.  THANK YOU.

I believe in making this world a better place to live. Completely Natural grown produce. Our trees haven’t seen a chemical in their lifetime. It justs makes you happy when you consume the produce. If you are lucky you can see Blackbucks and Peamale chickens on the farm.

The scarcity of water is a huge problem for our farm, but that should not stop a good cause. I and my team are working hard to grow forest trees. A farm with a minimum of 20% forest cover trees, will aide to retain more atmospheric water, will stop strong winds(act as wind barrier) and assist in Rains too. I recommend every farmer to follow the same.

Coming up projects at Farm:

Village experience center – You along with your gang can have a lifetime experience of being a Villager.

Do you love to play with soil? Do you love to spend time with Farm animals? Or you just want to lie-down and stare at million stars? This is the place for you to be.

Come join us in the fun-loving, responsible adventure. Our Farm is still growing, but with your help, we can increase our pace.

We love to see you on our farm.

Farm location :

Vihaan Farm Doddadalavatta to Vitalapura Rd, Itakudibbanahalli, Karnataka 572124

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