The Extremely rare Abacot Ranger duck

The Abacot Ranger duck is a utility breed that was created for eggs and meat production. It is categorized as a mild weight snowball strain and also called Streicherente and Hooded Ranger.

They are friendly in nature and also can become very tame. They’re excellent foragers and are not one of the good fliers. If access to roam freely they will be busy all day.

Abacot Ranger Characteristics

Abacot Ranger duck is a lightweight dual-purpose breed. It is similar in shape. However, they are larger in size compared to Khaki Campbells. They have a hood of feathers and the entire body is marked with color or creamy white and streaked.

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The Abacot Ranger drakes have a head with a luster. They have a white ring round their throat and an olive bill.

The ducks (females) have fawn head along with their invoice is really a dark slate gray. On an average, Abacot Ranger drakes weigh about 2.7-3.0 kg and ducks about 2.5 kg.

Abacot Ranger duck is a dual-purpose breed. It’s mainly raised for egg and meat production.

Abacot Ranger ducks are very hardy and peaceful. They are long-lived snowball strain with more than 10 years of lifespan. The breed is acceptable for both eggs and meat production.

An Abacot Ranger snowball can put about 180-200 eggs per year. Their eggs are of color and moderate to large in size. When they’re of eight months of old the ducklings can readily be distinguished by their bill colors.

The invoices of females will turn into a dark slate color, and the bills of males will turn green. The amount of this duck breed is increasing day by day. The ducks (females) are noted for being excellent moms and also a very good sitter.

Abacot Ranger Origin

Oscar Grey of Friday Wood near Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom developed the strain.

Originally crossing a snowy Indian Runner drake with sports in between 1917 and 1923 created it. The name Abacot Ranger derived from Abbott’s Cottages, which was Mr. Gray’s home.

Initially, the Abacot Ranger duck was a popular breed in the United Kingdom for meat and egg production, until about the 1920s. But went extinct. The breed did in Germany.

And had been standardized there since the Streicher-Ente (Ranger Duck) in 1934. And it was then returned to the United Kingdom in the 1970s and 1980s in Germany.

Now the strain has been increased in the united kingdom. The breed is popular for the exhibit today. The Abacot Ranger duck was accepted to the British Waterfowl Standard in 1983.

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