Thuringian goat breed

The Thuringian goat is a dairy goat breed from Thüringen in central Germany.

It’s derived from crosses between Toggenburg Rhönziege, along with Thüringer Landziege temple breeds’ breeding.

Thuringian goats are medium sized creature. They may be either horned or polled.

They are chocolate-brown in colour with white markings around the head and legs, a mild face mask and cartoon that is white on the left handed.

They have upright ears, and white by the top eye area to the tip of the muzzle.

Height of these bucks is 78 cm, and 74 cm for the does.

Mature Thuringian bucks weigh approximately 55 kg, and the does about 48 kg.

Thuringian goat temperament

The Thuringian goat is a dairy goat breed and chiefly utilized for milk production. However, the breed is also great for meat production.

Thuringian goats are extremely hardy and active. They are known to mountainous regions and the capacity to walk long distances of it.

They are also known for disease immunity skill and their parasite.

They are sometimes used for brush clearing and field maintenance.

Even the Thuringian goat has one kidding cycle per year and also is a seasonal breeder.

Most of the kiddings are twins, and triplets are common.

The Thuringian does on create about 700-1000 liters of milk per lactation. Their milk average contains a butterfat of 3.5 percent.

Origin and History

In the early 1900s Korean Toggenburg, Harzerziege and Rhönziege have been Korean and introduced Toggenburg was used in 1988.

The Thuringian goat is a variety of the German Improved Fawn goat strain. It was created around 1885.

The breed is well-adapted into the mountainous regions and very rare now (nearly extinct).

Thuringian goat original area was Thuringia, but today it has spread throughout the whole German Federal Republic.

A few other names such as Thüringer Waldziege, German Toggenburg, Thüringer Wald also know the Thuringian goat.

They is well-known for their capacity to walk long distances and for their adaptability to the mountainous areas.

They are also hardy and very strong animals.

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