Top 5 Meat Turkeys

Meat Turkeys are purely raised for commercial meat production purpose.

Turkeys can be seen in two types one is Heritage Turkey types and other is Commercial turkeys( not heritage breed). There is a big difference between business and heritage breeds based upon the pace of meat production to reproduce.

One needs to choose whether to increase business or heritage types as their meat turkeys. The Commercial meat turkeys with rapid growth to be ready for the table after 14 weeks considers at approximately 35 pounds. The Heritage Breeds uses up to 28 weeks to be prepared for the table but their weight won’t be more than 20 pounds.

Here is the list of top 5 Meat turkeys.

1. Standard Bronze Turkey

Standard Bronze Turkey is Heritage Standard turkey. Most favored turkey of every homesteader. The majority of the family ranches still have Standard Bronze Turkey. Thought the appeal decrease after the Broad Breasted Bronze came to be the industrial meat turkey.

The weight of Heritage (Standard) Bronze tom is 25 lbs and also the hen is 16 pounds. Standard Bronze Turkey is one-third the size of the Broad-breasted Bronze selection. The Heritage (Standard) Bronze is a longer living, slower-growing turkey, condition immune as well as able to breed, whereas the Broad Breasted Bronze is completely contrary.

Meat Turkeys

2. Narragansett

Narragansett turkeys ideal for backyards and farmsteads. They are active foragers, hardy and healthy. They can be on a  diet from insects and grass. They are able to mate naturally.

The weight of Narragansett tom is 30 lbs and the hen is 18 lbs. They mature early and the hens lay nice large eggs.  Narragansett turkeys are known for their calm disposition, good maternal abilities, early maturation, egg production, and excellent meat quality.

3. White Holland

White Holland turkeys are different from Broad Breasted Whites. The Standard White Holland tom weighs 30 lbs and 20 lbs for a hen which is smaller than Broad Breasted Whites.

4. Broad Breasted White 

Broad Breasted White turkeys are modern turkey breed which is raised commercially in farms. They have a maximum conversion ratio of feed to meat in the shortest possible time and suitable meat turkeys.

An adult hen weighs about 20 lbs and a tom can reach about 40 lbs at 20 to 24 weeks. They produce more breast meat. The Broad-Breasted Bronze was replaced by Broad Breasted White because of visible pin feathers. Their pin feathers are less visible when the carcass is dressed due to their white color. 

Broad Breasted Whites also have a very high percentage of their eggs hatch.

5. Broad-Breasted Bronze

One of the oldest commercial farm turkey. Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys are ideal to raise for meat production, have an excellent feed conversion ratio, and make the perfect traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner. 

 An adult hen weighs about 22 lbs and a tom can reach about 38 lbs. The Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey is one of the largest and heaviest turkey varieties.

List of Turkey Breeds and their weights

Heritage Turkey
and Standard
Beltsville Small White10 to 17 lbs
Heritage Turkey
and Standard
Black Turkey14 to 23 lbs
Heritage Turkey
and Standard
Royal palm Turkey12 to 22 lbs
Heritage Turkey
and Standard
Blue Slate Turkey14 to 23 lbs
Heritage Turkey
and Standard
Bourbon Red Turkey  12 to 23 lbs
Heritage Turkey
and Standard
Standard Bronze Turkey16 to 25 lbs
Heritage Turkey
and Standard
Narragansett18 to 30 lbs
Heritage Turkey
and Standard
White Holland20 to 30 lbs
StandardJersey Buff 12 to 21 lbs
StandardWhite Midget8 to 14 lbs
not Heritage
and non-standard
Broad Breasted White 20 to 40 lbs
not Heritage
and non-standard
Broad-Breasted Bronze22 to 38 lbs

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to raise a turkey for meat?

The commercial turkeys like Broad-breasted turkey(white or bronze) can be raised faster when compared to Heritage turkey.

The commercial turkeys like at 16-22 weeks they should be dressed out at around 12 to 14 lbs. A heritage turkey will mature at 25-30 weeks to reach the same weight of the commercial turkey.

What is the best meat turkey?

The best meat turkey based on taste is the heritage standard bronze turkey and White Holland. The best meat turkey based on how fast to raise a turkey for meat is Broad-breasted turkeys.

How much does it cost to raise a turkey?

An average cost per Turkey to raised to Maturity is around $80. The cost of purchase of Turkey and feed cost will add up to total cost. The purchase cost of each turkey is around $4 to $7, if you add the shipping cost it will come up to an average of $ 7 per turkey chick.

Feed cost on an average for 4 to 6 months is $10. Considering all the turkeys made to butchering, else there will incur a loss on each death.

What do you feed meat turkeys?

Commercial varieties of turkeys are fast-growing. They require a high-protein diet. Turkey’s starter diets typically contain 28% protein in crumble form. It is generally recommended that you use turkey starter diets for the first four weeks.

A turkey grower diet typically has 26% protein. Note that chicken starter and grower diets are too low in protein, and turkeys fed these diets will have reduced growth performance.

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