Top 7 Spanish sheep breeds

Livestock is famous in Spain. Both in central Spain and the Ebro Basin, the sheep population is high. Spanish sheep breeds are raised mainly for meat and wool. Also for milk and cheese.


Alcarrena Sheep (Alcarreña) breed is one of the Spanish sheep breeds, that is primarily raised for meat.

Alcarreña, Spanish sheep breeds

The Alcarreña is a medium-wooled sheep breed.

The breed can be seen mostly in the La Alcarria, Guadalajara, and the Cuenca regions of New Castille, Spain.


The Basco-Béarnaise raised for milk production. Interesting fact is they produce lambs in spring and milk in summer.

Basco-Béarnaise, Spanish sheep breeds

They have long and white wool. Know more about Basco-Béarnaise

Churra sheep

Churra or Spanish Churro sheep are from Zamora province. The milk from Churra is used to make Zamorano cheese(hard cheese aged for six months)

Churra sheep, Spanish sheep breeds

Also, Churra meat is most prized in Spain. In the early 16th century, the meat was used to feed Spanish armies.

Guirra sheep

The Spanish sheep breed raised for meat. There is no dense wool, but a unique Red and white color.

Guirra sheep also called as Levant Red, Sudat. Officially protected breed in Spain

Latxa sheep

Latxa is a dairy sheep very local to the Basque country. The most famous Idiazabal and Roncal cheese is made out of Latxa milk.

Latxa sheep, Spanish sheep breeds

The name Latxa refers to the rough quality of the wool. Though their wool is not of much use.


Merino has become an international breed for its much-prized wool. One of the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

Merino sheep, Spanish sheep breeds

Merino sheep in the early days survived as a meat sheep, but later they found out they are much valued for their wool. Then the Merino sheep got exported to many countries.

Ovella galega

The Ovella Galega sheep is from the Galician region. The main uses of this breed are for milk and meat.

Ovella Galega, Spanish sheep breeds

The coat of the breed is either all black or white in color and the breed is small built.