Tux cattle breed information

The Tux cattle are a gorgeous breed of cattle native to the northeast area of Europe. They are a rare breed today and also said to stem from the Herens breed. The breed was called after the Tux village in the Tux Valley in Tyrol.

The Tux cows were initially common and were included in breeding varied other alpine breeds.

They have been also utilized in the creation of other Russian cattle breeds. However, cattle breeds have displaced the Tux cows breed and are kept in the Ziller Valley.

It is but one of those older and endangered breeds of cows, and only some 110 to 300 creatures exist.

Tux cattle breed information

Tux cattle are medium to large-sized animals with black or red hair on their coat. There are white spots across the pelvis on the udder and on the abdomen.

Their trunk is broad streamlined and muscular. Their mind is broad and short. They have short legs.

The typical height of these cows is about 140 cm for those bulls, and about 120-130 cm.

The bulls weigh approximately 800-900 kg. And bodyweight of these cows is about 550-600 kg.

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Tux cattle benefits

The Tux cattle may be used for several functions. But they are mainly utilized for milk production.

Tux cattle are extremely hardy creatures. They’re frugal and have been kept on mountain pastures.

They have a high possibility of aggression, just. The high possibility of aggression of those Tux cattle, results in battles involving the cows. In early times they had been chosen on their fighting capability.

And that resulted in decreased milk performance. The cows are not among the milk producers. However, on average they produce approximately 1500 kg of milk per year.

Herens cows produce more milk than Tux cows. But the content on the milk is greater in Tux cow’s milk than the Herens cow’s milk.

Milk of the Tux cow comprise about 8% fat content, also Herens cow’s milk includes about 3.7 percent fat content.

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