Umblachery cattle breed

The Umblachery cattle is a draft breed of the zebu kind, used chiefly for agricultural work.

It is an indigenous breed of domestic cattle in India. And the strain is indigenous to the regions of Nagapattinam and Tiruvarur districts.

Really the male Umblachery cattle are used for purposes such as plowing and carting.

They are quite appropriate for working in rice areas of eastern regions of Tamilnadu. And milk from the cows is utilized for home consumption.

The breed is also known by various other names such as Jathi madu, Mottai madu, Southern Tanjore and Therkuthi madu.

Umblachery cattle breed information

Umblachery cattle are zebu kind animal which have similarities to the Kangayam breed. However, the Umblachery is smaller than the Kangayam.

They are gray in colour with back-lines and white things. The calves are of different colour compared to animals.

The calves are generally reddish or brown with white markers. Their color gradually changes into gray in accordance.

The forehead of this Umblachery cattle has a white celebrity that is dominant and is fairly wide. However, cattle breeds in this region lack this white beginning in their brow.

Both bulls and cows have short and thick horns. Their ears are short, erect and placed horizontally.

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The hump rather developed in bullocks, is created in bulls and little from the cows.

The Umblachery cattle have very strong although brief legs.

The udder is not developed in the cows. Normal body height at withers is 135 cm to get bulls and 105 cm for the cows.

Umblachery cattle benefits

The Umblachery cattle are primarily utilized for agricultural work functions. But milk from the cows is utilized for home consumption.

Umblachery cattle are noted for their durability and sturdiness. They’re an excellent cows breed of Tamilnadu.

Their habitat is from the Cauvery delta area and agriculture production in this area is quite intensive especially rice production.

And these animals are extremely sturdy and convenient for work in rice areas that are marshy.

Milk of the Umblachery cows is of good quality using high-fat content.

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