Valais Blackneck goat Breed Facts

Even the Valais Blackneck goat is a beautiful breed of goat. It is a goat strain and raised for milk, meat, and vegetation management.

The Valais Blackneck goat is a really beautiful sized breed of goat.

It’s a distinctive coloring, black forequarters, and white hindquarters (black from the nose to behind the shoulder and white out of there on the tail).

The line between the two colors is impressive and defined. Even the English Bagot goat, that is likewise colored, is thought to derive from the strain by descent from one introduced to Richard II of England in 1380.

Even the Valais Blackneck goats have long, wavy hair, and bucks and does have moderate length horns.


The normal height of the bucks is approximately 85 cm, and 75 cm for the does. And the minimum weight of the bucks is 75 kg, and doe is 55 kg.

Valais Blackneck Goat Benefits

The Valais Blackneck goat is a multi-purpose breed of goat. It is raised as a dairy goat and good for meat production. The strain is great for management.

Valais Blackneck goats are creatures. The strain has been increased in mountainous ares of this province of Verbania and Vercelli (Piedmont) in Italy.

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The does are good milk manufacturers. And on average, a doe can produce approximately 500 liters of milk.


The breed is also very great for meat production. The carcass of the Valais Blackneck goat is well lean and also the muscling is reasonably thick. The number of this goat breed is increasing slowly.

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The breed is from the canton of Valais, in southern Switzerland, along with neighboring regions of northern Italy.

The biggest number of Valais Blackneck goats is available in the region of Visp (Viège). And it is also present in small amounts in Germany and Austria.

The Valais Blackneck goat has been raised in Italy in the states of Vercelli and Verbania. And it is one of the Italian goat breeds of distribution for the institution of sheep- and goat-breeders.

Total amounts of the Valais Blackneck goat had been 3000-3400 at the end of 2013 and either 191 or 446 in Italy.

Germany reported 429 goats and Austria 100-300 in 2012. The strain is used for both meat and milk production.

Valais Blackneck goat can be known by other names like French: Col Noir du Valais Chèvre des Glaciers or Race p Viège; German: Walliser or Gletschergeiss Schwarzhalsziege Italian and;: Vallese or even Vallesana.


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