West African Dwarf goat facts

The West African Dwarf goat strain is in coastal West and Central Africa. It’s also the Dwarf and Pygmy goat strain and Nigerian Dwarf goat breeds in the USA, and the progenitor of the African Pygmy goat from Great Britain.

West African Dwarf goat is usually smaller in dimension. Both bucks and will not have horns. Their horns are both curves outwards and backward in bucks.

The bucks have beards and at times manes. Their chest is the trunk straight and broad and their neck is relatively long.

This West African Dwarf goat’s bottoms are brief. Udder of this does is small but typically well-shaped.

Most of the goats have stiff hair that is a short loss. Along with the color varies; dark brown with black things is possibly the most common, but black, white, red, white, pied, and multicolored goats also occur.

They have a normal height of 12 to 20 inches (30 to 50 cm). Along with the adult bucks on average weight, about 20 to 25 kg, along with the does about 18 to 22 kg.

West African Dwarf goat uses

West African Dwarf goat is really a multi-purpose goat breed. The breed is kept for many reasons.

However, the breed is elevated for meat and milk production. It’s likewise good for raising goats.

West African Dwarf goats are rather smaller in dimension. But they’re usually strong active and playful in nature. In most cases, the West African Dwarf goats are capable of breeding at 12 to 18 months of age.

A number of births are extremely frequent with twins being regular and ordinary. The kidding interval averages approximately 220 days.

They are important in the economy of West Africa. The majority of the rural families of West Africa employed to keep the goats for milk and meat production.


The West African Dwarf goat breed evolved in reaction to the conditions from the humid forests of Central and West Africa.

The strain is well known by various other titles in different areas of the world such as African American Dwarf, Chevre naine de Savanes, Cameroon Dwarf, Chevre de Casamance, Chevre naine de l’est, Djallonke, Dwarf West African, Diougry, Forest goat, Fouta Djallon, Grassland Dwarf, Guinean, Guinean Dwarf, Kosi, Pygmy, Tibetana, etc..

There are many sorts of West African Dwarf goats available.

A strain found on the coast of west and central Africa. And this goat strain plays with a function in West Africa’s economy.

The majority of small scale farmers and the poor in this area used to increase them.

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