What are Barzona cattle?

Even the Barzona cattle are a national breed of beef cattle developed in the USA.

It was designed in the 1940s and 1950s from the desert, inter-mountain region of Arizona.

They are, in equal proportions, including a Mixture of Africander, Hereford, Beef Shorthorn and Angus.

Barzona cattle characteristics

Barzona cattle are medium-sized creatures.

Their true size vary based on their surroundings.

They are distinguishable by their own head that is longish and might be horned or polled.

They’re usually orange-red in colour, but their own body colour may differ from dark red to bright red.

They have white to the underline or switch.

Barzona cattle benefits

Barzona cattle are actually a beef cattle breed. They are raised for meat production.

The Barzona cattle are extremely hardy and energetic animals. They are well adapted to their native climates.

The cows are very fertile and famous for their easy calving. They’ve quite strong and solid feet and legs that are extremely acceptable for browsing tough conditions.

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They’re insect and disease resistance and very warm tolerance.

They are comparatively very easy to take care of and have a very good character.

The cows are famous for their calving and very fertile. The bulls are vigorous and very hardy, exemplifying libido.

The cows are pretty poor milkers but produce milk. The breed raised and is found mainly in the United States.


The breed was bred to be hardy, with the great disease, insect and heat tolerance.

Even the Aricander bulls were bred to Hereford cows, and the Hereford cattle breed was chosen for their hindquarters maturity sheath and variety skill.

The Africander were used for their own capability for high browse utilization, great milk production, hide, pigment, comparatively compact calf and hair coating for heat and pest tolerance.

The Angus cattle breed has been selected for their carcass attributes and marbling characteristics, and for the little calf at birth, abundant milk, and good hindquarters.

And finally, the Barzona cattle were. The breed is also well adapted to the place that was rocky and rugged, perform well in extreme temperatures and rainfall and can succeed in the scattered feed.

America’s Barzona Breeders Association was formed at Phoenix in January 1968. Presently the breed produced and is found mainly in the United States.

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