What are Galloway cattle used for?

The Galloway cattle (also known as Riggit Galloway cattle) is a really ancient breed of cows originated in Scotland during the 17th century.

It’s one of the longest recognized meat cattle breeds on the planet. The breed was named after the Galloway area of Scotland.

The Galloway cows are creatures with a thick coating that is wavy or curled. This coat of hair insulates their own bodies so well that they have a minimum outer coating of fat on their bodies.

And also the coat sheds out in warmer climates and in the summertime. Their shaggy coat has both a thick, woolly undercoat for heat and stiffer guard hairs that help drop water, which makes them well adapted to climatic problems.

Galloway cattle are naturally hornless. They have a bone knob at the very top of the skull of it.

The bulls on typical weight approximately 770 about 1050 kg and the average body weight of these cows is about 450 to 680 kg.

Galloway cattle benefits

The Galloway cattle are utilized as a meat cattle breed, and they create high quality meat.

Galloway cattle are among the cattle breeds that are old. Their characteristics are now back in demand, due to the requirement of their quality meat which required economic production Now.

Popularity of the breed is increasing gradually and their amounts rising. The Galloway cattle known for the quality of beef and also are mentioned.

But there is evidence of Galloway herds being milked in Cumberland for cheese manufacturing.


The Galloway cattle first fully developed from the 17th century. And the breed comes from the cows which are native to the south-west region of Scotland.

Following their development, there were many variations in this breed, such as patterns and different colors. Nevertheless, the Galloway herd publication only enrolled black cattle.

Although the population was persisted in by the recessive gene for red color, and eventually dun Galloway cows were allowed to the herd book.

Today the black would be the most common color and the creatures may also be of several and red colors of dun.

The Galloway cows are now found in a number of other countries. They were exported to Canada in 1853, to Australia in 1951 and into the United States in 1882. The Galloway Cattle Society was formed in the year of 1877.

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