What are Hereford cattle used for?

The Hereford cows are a meat cows breed originally from Herefordshire, England, United Kingdom.

It is largely a meat cattle breed and widely used for meat production in many nations.

Hereford cattle breed information

The modern Hereford cattle are medium to large creatures. They are usually dark red to red-yellow in color with a white face.

Their crest, underline and dewlap are white. They’ve white markings and flanks and hocks also.

You will find a horned and polled version of the breed available. The variant has thick and short horns.

Their horns are usually curved at the sides of your head. The version that is polled is offered in the United Kingdom and North America which are known as Polled Hereford.

The Hereford cows are muscular. They are sufficient in the length of leg sleek and trim.

The average bodyweight of the older cows is around 800 kg. Along with the bulls on typical weight approximately 1200 kg.

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Hereford cattle benefits

Hereford cattle are primarily a meat cows breed. They are used for beef production. However, they are also creating enough milk for their calves and then great for milk production.

The Hereford cows are muscular, powerful, and hardy creatures that are very. They are well known for their vigor and longevity. Cows reside and create calves past the age of 15 years.

They’re famous due to their abilities and excellent foragers. Even the bulls are capable of staying profitable at stud into the age of 12 years or more. Cattle are nicely adapted to virtually all climates.

They could also do well in Northern Transvaal’s warmth and the arctic snows of Finland. They can perform well in the climate and grazing conditions.

They develop relatively faster and are generally docile in nature. They are raised as a meat cattle breed and may create excellent meat.


Origin of the Hereford was lost over time. Nevertheless, it’s usually agreed that the strain was founded on the draught ox descended from the small red cows of Roman Briton and by a big Welsh breed after numerous across the border of England and Wales.

The name of it has been obtained by the strain. Herefordshire is a historical region of England where those creatures have grown.

Cattle of the area were similar to other cattle strains of southern England before the 18th century.

Cattle in this field proved red with a change, similar to the North Devon and Sussex breeds. Other cattle breeds were used (mostly Shorthorns) to create a new sort of beef and draught cattle during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Those new cows were varied in color in herds which range from yellow to pale and grey-brown, and with varying amounts of white.

The white face qualities of the modern breed were established by the end of the 18th century, and the contemporary color of the Hereford cattle was created throughout the 19th century.”

This Hereford’s cattle to the United States’ imports were around 1817, and big importation began in the 1840s. Today the strain is offered in a number of countries around the world.

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