What are kamori goats used for?

The Kamori goat is a very favorite and beautiful breed of goat. It’s a milk goat strain that is found at Pakistan’s Sindh province.

Actually the Kamori goat is located from the Sindh province in the districts of Nawabshah Dadu and Larkana.

The breed is largely popular for its beautiful overall look and milk production. But the Kamori goat that is original is uncommon now and is extremely costly.

Kamori goats can easily be characterized by their own physique, color, and beautiful overall look.

They’re famed for their distinctive body structure with ears, neck, and special colors. They have a coat color that is very distinctive and a massive body.

Body of the purebred Kamori dermis is dark brown in color with small darkened or coffee-colored patches over their whole body.

They have extended and well-developed physique. Along with this Kamori’s udder and teats does are fairly developed.

Kamori goat is a medium to large goat strain. On average the bucks weight about 60 kg and also the does about 50 kg.

What are kamori goats used for?

Kamori goats are increased as a milk goat breed. Normal milk production from a Kamori doe is roughly 1.5 liters. But they are also great for meat production.

Purebred Kamori goat is rare and very expensive. Sometimes they’re sold for quite a substantial price because of their rarity and uniqueness.

There’s also a version of this strain, which can be a crossed model or hybrid vehicle.

Kamori goats have been crossed with Patairee goats for creating a version that is much like the Kamori. Patairee is located in Sindh province, although just another goat strain type Pakistan.

Today the Kamori goat is getting popular among the folks due to its beautiful colors and appearance and less cost in contrast to Kamori goat.

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