What are Kiko goats used for?

The Kiko goat is largely maintained as a meat goat breed. They are used as food source, that are famous for high fertility and fast growth.

The ‘Kiko’ is a Maori word which means flesh or meat. The Kiko goat is really a gorgeous breed of goat out of New Zealand.

The Kiko goats are rather large in proportion.

The majority of the goats are made of white color, although they can be in just about any color.

Both will not and bucks possess horns, but a Kiko buck has horns that are notable.

On average a Kiko buck weights up to 80 kg and doe weight up to 50 kg.

Kiko goat benefits

Kiko goat is one of the fantastic meat goat breeds. It is raised for meat production. The breed is also suitable for industrial meat goat farming enterprises.

The Kiko goats are all exceptional meat goats. They are lower priced than the Boer goat but higher than many other beef goat breeds.

They are also noted for their parasite immunity growth rate of kids, carcass yield, and exceptional maternal instincts.

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They don’t suffer from health issues and they’re excellent foragers.

The Kiko goats are sturdy and busy, and they possess a high feed conversion speed. And they can gain fat without the need to increase feed.


Garrick and also Anne Batten of Nelson developed the strain in the South Island from the 1980s. Instead, they cross-bred local feral goats with imported dairy goat bucks of the Anglo Toggenburg, Nubian, and Saanen breeds.

The Kiko goats were exported into the USA in the 1990s. There is a breed institution of this goat named ‘The American Kiko Goat Association (AKGA)’.

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