What are Limousin cattle known for?

The Limousin cattle is a strain of domestic cattle originating in the Limousin and Marche regions of France.

It is a muscled beef cows and is referred to as Limousine in France.

Limousin cattle breed information

Limousin cows are big sized animals. Most of these creatures have a coloration which varies from wheat that is mild to darker golden-red.

The coloration is small lighter on the stomach, the rear of your thighs, involving the legs, around the testicles, on the anus and at the tail tip.

Other coloration has been grown, mainly black throughout grading up from other forms of cattle and cross-breeding.

Limousin cattle are obviously horned, however their horns are removed through cross-breeding.

They usually have wide forehead thoughts. They have lighter space.

And also have fine horns which are curved ahead and slightly raised in the hint (if present). Their chest have and is wide and curved.

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The Limousin bulls on weight about 1000 kg body weight of these cows is approximately 650 to 700 kg.

What are Limousin cattle known for?

Originally the Limousin cattle strain had been used as draft animals.

But now they are primarily utilized as a source of high quality meat-producing animals.

Limousin cows are hardy and energetic creatures. They’re very popular throughout the world for many factors.

They’re popular mainly due to their low birth weights, greater than average dressing percent and yield, higher feed conversion efficiency and for their capacity to make lean, tender meat.


The Limousin cows breed were exported in France in the 1960s in numbers. And the strain is present worldwide in approximately 70 countries.

The Limousin cattle are obviously horned, but worldwide breeders have bred polled (do not possess horns) creatures.

Although global breeders have generated Limousins, and they naturally have a distinguishing milder wheat to counter golden-red coloring.

The Limousin cows were mainly employed as draft animals originally. But they’re increased as a supply of top quality meat.

And curiosity in Limousins as a supply of high excellent meat grew about 200 decades ago.

In 1886, the primary Limousin herd book was established in France for ensuring that the breed’s purity and for advancement by only recording and breeding creatures that fulfilled a rigorously enforced breed standard.

The Limousin cattle is a very old breed. And it’s used for crossbreeding with different cattle breeds due to their capacity to donate vigour, also improve feed conversion efficiency and the return.

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