What are Romanov sheep used for?

Romanov sheep raised primarily for meat. The breed is originated from the Upper Volga in Russia. Quadruplets, quintuplets and even sextuplets are normal performances for a Romanov ewe. Romanov sheep are used as “Market lamb Machine”.

Romanov sheep breed information

Romanov sheep are medium-sized breed which is gray in color.

At their birth the lamb is in black color, but as they grow up the color changes to gray.

The adult Romanov ram weighs 70 kg (155 lb) and ewe weighs 45 kg (100 lb).

Romanovs are one of the Northern European short-tailed sheep breeds.

Hardy and very strong breed, the Romanov are well adapted to harsh cold climates, such as that in their native Russia

Romanovs are not seasonal breeders, can start breeding any time of the year once they mature.

Romanov sheep are prolific can produce quadruplets, quintuplets, and even sometimes sextuplets.

Romanov ewes never produce single or twins, always in litter size of 3 or more.

The Romanov breed is a “pure gene”, not a “cross”.

The Romanov fleece weight is around 4.5 kg with the wool fiber diameter of 21 microns and an outer-coat hair diameter of 72 microns.

The Romanov wool is double-coated, strong and greasy.

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Things to know

The breed can be seen in Germany, France, Canada, and the United States. In the early 1908s, the Canadian government imported 14 ewes and 4 rams, quarantined for 5 years.

The Romanov’s gray wool is used to make rugs, mats, and wall hanging.

Romanovs are used for producing multiple offsprings in a short period of time. It can be called as “Market lamb Machine”.

Characteristics of Romanov sheep

Breed NameRomanov sheep
Other NameMarket lamb machine
Country/Place of OriginRussia
Breed Purposeamericameat
Breed Sizemedium
Weight Ram(Male) 70 kg (155 lb)
Ewe(Female)45 kg (100 lb)
Kiddingtriplets or quadruplets
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing 
Climate Tolerancelocal conditions

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