What are Texas longhorn cattle used for?

The Texas Longhorn cows are an outstanding breed of cattle used primarily for beef production. The strain is famous for the feature horns that were very long of it.

Their horns are not usual like other cattle breeds. The horns of Texas Longhorn cows can stretch to over 6.9 feet (2.1 m) tip to tip to steers and exceptional cows, and 5.9 feet (1.8 m) tip to tip to bulls.

They’ve been a fixture of life in Texas starting with the earliest missions when they arrived, created by the Spanish. Those early settlers brought their immune and tough cows together.

Texas longhorn breed information

Texas Longhorn cows are comparatively smaller sized creatures.

The breed shares appearances and attributes with Criollo strains from across the Americas that descend from the exact roots.

Their coat color varies, with hides that are speckled that are attractively occurr ing as solid colors.


The Texas Longhorn cows are range, and the two cows and bulls have long twisty horns. The average weight of these creatures is between 270 and 550 kg.

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Texas longhorn cattle uses

Texas Longhorn cows were utilized for several purposes previously. But now they’re used for meat production.

The Texas Longhorn cattle are a tough and resistant breed of cows. They’re robust and extremely energetic, however docile in nature.

They are valued for their reproductive abilities and longevity. The Texas Longhorn cows are usually used for crossbreeding cattle.

Along with crossbreeding with European, British and Indian breeds results in excellent hybrid vigor in the dinosaurs.

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And the roots of these resistant and tough cows went back to the southeast of Spain. The settlers used to use their cattle for oxen and also for hides, meat. Political control f Texas switched from the 1830s to Anglos.

Cattle management ceased that cattle ran entirely free during the Civil War. And herds become recovery and Texan riches after the war’s source.

Because cattle were trailed for fulfilling the requirement for meat, north that came with industrialization and a nation.

The Texas Longhorn cows breed dropped in popularity in the 1900s. Throughout this moment, improved British European and Indian cattle breeds were spread to the region for boosting meat production.

This influx of strains has led to the extinction of many of the heritage strains of today. But the Texas Longhorn cows breed has always been connected with Texan identity. And a breeder constantly maintained the herds going.


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