What are the black and white dogs called?

There’s so much cuteness in the dog world that it would be a pointless job even to try to rank degrees of adorability. And while all dogs are beautiful in their own way, black and white dogs have something special about them. Maybe it’s because they pair so well with a monochromatic aesthetic, or maybe it’s the way they look so plain and classic in their black and white coats, but whatever it is that attracts the eye to black and white pups, their cuteness is not to be ignored.

The classical Dalmatians, the silly Japanese Chins, and the oh-so-shaggy Old English Sheepdogs comprise these black and white dog breeds. These dogs range from tiny to massive, and short haired to extremely hippie-like locks, if you are looking for a black and white dog to add to your family. These black and white dogs are a great place to start your hunt, no matter what type of dog you think would suit your family best.

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