What are White Park Cattle used for?

White Park cattle are used for both milk and meat production. The bulls can also be used for crossing cows.

The White Park cattle are a rare breed of large horned cattle with ancient herds preserved in Great Britain.

White Park Cattle characteristics

The White Park cattle are moderate to a large-sized creature with a comparatively lengthy body.

Even though the points may be red, they are usually white in color with black things. Both cows and bulls normally have large horns.

The average live body weight of this White Park bulls range from 800. Although their body weight varies depending upon the grazing attributes.

And approximately 1250 kg can be weighted by the bulls under great grazing conditions. But the cows are smaller.

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Their average body weight is between 500 and 700 kg.

White park cattle advantages

The White Park cattle are extremely old breed of cattle. They are animals with lengthy and large size.

They are great for the meat an milk production. The breed is known for creating quality beef with specially good marbling.

They are extremely hardy, sturdy and thrifty cows breed and great for conservation grazing.

Even the White Park cattle thrives on a wide variety of grazing kinds including forage that is coarse that is poor.

The strain is distant from most other cattle. And that breed’s spans have a wonderful deal of vigor.

Where did White Park Cattle originate?

The White Park Cattle has been originated in Britain. There are still several historical herds in life that date from that time.

Some other names such as Park, White Forest, Wild White also know Even the White Park cattle and known as the Ancient White Park from North America.

The strain comprises two very rare types often regarded as different, the Chillingham along with the Vaynol cattle. For ceremonial functions, the White Park cattle were bred and used Throughout the Christian era.

Herds of cattle became scattered in the centuries that followed across England Scotland and Wales. And these cows were hunted as prize animals.

Although most of the animals were free to roam some of these feral cattle’s herds were enclosed into parks.

The number of free-roaming cattle disappeared as their habitat was slowly reduced, leaving just the ‘Park’ animals as representatives of the early kind.

Even the White Park cattle breed is really rare now. For encouraging these cattle breed the Park Society was made from the year of 1918.

Along with the Park Society discovered six herds of cows that were polled and two herds of horned cows in it is an initial herd book.

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