What color eggs do Sumatra chickens lay?

Sumatra chicken is a native strain of Sumatra Island. It is a chicken strain and raised for exhibition purposes.

Plus it had been used for fighting at some regions where cockfighting was not illegal.

Historically, the residents of Indonesian Island used to capture Sumatra roosters during the start of breeding up, use them in battle and release them after their aggression declined.

Nowadays the Sumatra chicken’s seasonal aspect is still very much part of the breed. And also the breeders can expect fertility and broodiness to arrive in the spring.

Sumatra Chicken Characteristics

Sumatra chicken is a very lovely breed also has rather attractive plumage.

It’s a fowl which look less like poultry than chickens.

It has a personality closer to that of a crazy game bird compared to a domestic chicken.

Sumatra chickens possess a small bright reddish colored pea comb.

They have small earlobes of gypsy color. Their wattles are very little and almost non-existent.

Toes and their legs are dark and their skin color is yellow.

The roosters have lustrous greenish feathers and a carriage.

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Although, today other color types also available with different colors.

The roosters have a long sweeping tail, with an abundance of sweeping sickles and coverts, carried.

Black is the color but other colors are readily available. For instance; White and Blue.

The White collection has standard white plumage along with the blue variety has regular blue plumage.

Standard Sumatra roosters weight about 2.25 to 2.70 kg, and hens about 1.80 pounds.

And also the bantam roosters weight about 0.735 kg and hens about 0.625 kg.


Sumatra chicken is quite active, alert and among the greatest fliers. They are jumpers that are great also.

Both chicks and adults are extremely hardy. It’s a readily handled breed.

Roosters are not aggressive towards other people, but they can be aggressive toward individuals of their breed during the season.

Although the roosters fight for dominance, however they don’t struggle to the death.

Sumatra hens are not good egg layers. They lay some medium sized eggs. But the hens are great winter layers.

They are also among the broodies and finest moms. Sumatra chicken require space and they can not do in confinement.


The breed is probably the consequence of cross involving feral Kampong chickens and a variety of wildfowl, which will be extinct today.

The Sumatra chicken was originally imported in the Indonesian Isles of Sumatra in 1847 to the United States and Europe as fighting roosters for the purpose of cockfighting.

It’s one of those very old strains, admitted to the American Standard of Perfection.

It was admitted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection.

Today the Sumatra chicken is mostly kept as a decorative breed.

And it is extremely rare today. Sumatra chicken strain is recorded in the Essential class of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List.

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