What does a Turken chicken look like?

The Turken chicken is nothing but the Naked Neck chicken. Turken chicken is a dual purpose poultry breed. It is naturally devoid of feathers on its neck and vent.

The origination of Naked Neck poultry is cloudy, but the strain is supposed to have been brought back from Asia by the end of the century by Hungarian conquerors.

This chicken breed can also be referred to as the Turken, Kaalnek, Transylvanian Naked Neck chicken, etc.

This strain was thought by many people for a hybrid of the turkey that was national and a chicken. But this is not accurate, and these birds are pure poultry.

When crossed with a non-naked neck strain, the Naked Neck attribute is highly dominant and is passed to the first-generation offspring.

It is fairly typical in Europe, although the Naked Neck chicken is uncommon in North America.

The American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection recognized this breed in 1965. Naked Neck chicken strain also has bantam variations.

Naked Neck chicken Characteristics

The Naked Neck chicken(Turken chicken) is your strangest looking bird in the poultry world, which has a very interesting appearance with the lack of neck feathers or hackles.

They look like a cross between a turkey and a chicken with their completely featherless necks and faces.

They have quite shape to get a chicken raised for meat production purpose. They are large fowl and possess a broad back.

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Turken chicken comes in a variety of colors. The exposed skin on their necks turns bright red in the sun (just like turkey), however when not exposed to the sun, it stays pink or yellow.

The remainder of their skin is yellowish.

Their thighs are yellow and featherless in slate blue or the paler types in dark strains with four toes on the feet.

Naked Neck chickens have wattles that are massive and red single spoonful.

They have reddish bay eyes and their earlobes are red.

On a typical, standard Naked Neck men weigh about 4 kg and females about 3 kg. And the bantam male weighs females and about 965 g.

Turken Neck chicken Benefits

Naked Neck chicken is increased as a dual-purpose breed and appropriate for both eggs and meat production.

Hens are layers, producing a number of eggs that are.

They are good foragers and will be happy in variety. But they can tolerate confinement.

They are cold hardy but need protection.

They can do in hot climates and are excellent. They are placid, calm birds and are easy to tame.

Naked Neck chicken is resistant to disease and quite powerful.

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