What is Ghana Jeevamrutham and how to make it?

Ghana Jeevamrutham is dry or solid Jeevamrutham. Jeevamrutham which can be dried and stored for later use. Ghana Jeevamrutham is prepared where there is a scarcity of water, scarcity of labor and abundance of cow dung. One of the important elements in Natural Farming. For any farmer who has an abundance of cow dung but he can’t use for Jeevamruthm, then he can convert it to Ghana Jeevamrutham and store it for a year.

Ghana Jeevamrutham is as effective as Jeevamruthm to the soil. The number of Microbes in the soil increases. Microbes are the main constituent for increasing soil fertility. The more the application to the soil, the results are better.

The word “Amrutham” means the elixir of life capable of prolonging life. In our context, Jeevamrutham is for crop life. Jeevamrutham is the best culture to increase the count of microorganisms. So does Ghana Jeevamrutham.

What are the ingredients of Ghana Jeevamrutham?

Preparation of Ghana Jeevamrutham for one acre of land

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How to prepare Ghana Jeevamrutham?

  • 200kg of desi cow dung manure is to be used.
  • Spread uniformly on the ground to form a layer.
  • Now add 20 liters of liquid Jeevamrutham on the manure.
  • Mix the mixture completely.
  • Now make a heap of the treated cow dung and cover it again using jute bag for 48 hours. Allow it for fermentation.
  • Then spread on the floor, dry in the sunlight.
  • After drying is completed, store it in jute bags in the room.
  • Air should be flowing.
  • you can store Ghana Jeevamrutham for six months to a year.

How to use Ghana Jeevamrutham?

  • At the sowing period, use the 200kg ghana Jeevamrutham per acre. For example, two hands of Ghana Jeevamrutham to be added along with each seed sown.
  • Again during the flowering period of the crop, add 50kg of Ghana Jeevamrutham in between two crop lines on the soil per acre. Amazing yield will be produced.
  • Always apply Ghana Jeevamrutham on the wet soil.

8 thoughts on “What is Ghana Jeevamrutham and how to make it?”

  1. Jeevamritam is great. Can you suggest natural pest control/ pesticide preparations that really work. I have an integrated agricultural project in tribal Mandla, once known for least uptake of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. But now on the way to put that distinction behind as drip irrigation spreads along with indiscriminate use of chemicals poisoning soils and waters.

    • Will have to write on the Natural pest control, will keep you posted on “NewsLetter”.
      One of the simple pest control which you can try now is ” Subsoil therapy” . Take 5kg of top soil and 5kg of subsoil (below 1ft approx) . Mix well in 200 liters of water, stir well. Leave it for the soil to settle down. Now spray this water to any plants, once in 15 days. You can see most of the harmful pests are gone.

      The useful bacteria and microbes in the soil, will keep your plants healthy.


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