What is the Highest quality Pork?

Berkshire hogs have been known for their amazing quality of meat for over 300 years. In Japan, known as “Kurobuta,” Berkshire pork’s superior taste is as prized as Kobe beef.

Berkshire pork, like its beef equivalent, boasts exquisite marbling and an outstanding, juicy texture. In America, however, consumers have become more concerned about fat consumption over the last 20 years, and the pork industry has reacted to being leaner by breeding pigs.

Today’s pigs contain 75 per cent less fat compared with pigs from the 1950s, resulting in a dry and bland tasting product. Lately, the market for a more aromatic pork product has been growing, and so the Berkshire breed has re-emerged.

Heritage Pork International, Inc. started working with the American Berkshire Association and local farmers to sell Berkshire hogs in Iowa and Minnesota in 2001.

The interest in the consumer was immense. The name Berkshire was soon recognised and there was a drastic rise in demand. We saw the need for a programme that was more structured and client-driven.

In 2007, to provide quality management and professional service, the Heritage Berkshire Program was launched. We are able to deliver a reliable continuous supply of the highest quality Berkshire pork since we manage the entire process from the field to manufacturing to packaging and quality inspection.

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