What is the rarest cow?

The Vaynol cattle are a beautiful breed of cattle which originates from a herd in Scotland. Their history dates back over 100 decades, beginning with a semi-wild herd.

The Vaynol cows initially established in Vaynol Park, North Wales in 1872. Now the Vaynol breed is among the rarest breeds of cows of the United Kingdom.

Vaynol cattle Characteristics

Vaynol cattle are small to medium in size and also have similarities with the White Park cattle.

They are angular and primitive in appearance. Their colors can be black or white, and vary. The colour of the stains is located on the ears, eyelids, nose on the horns’ tip.

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Along with the critters sometimes have socks. The Vaynol cows have curved hocks and a rump. The bulls have. And their horns have been flicked upwards.

The cows do not have horns, they’re able to have teats in their udders.

The Vaynol bulls weigh approximately 400-450 kg. And typical weight of these cows is approximately 300-350 kg.

What are Vaynol cows known for ?

The Vaynol cows are used for leather and beef production. They are excellent for conservation grazing.

Vaynol cattle were previously regarded as wild cattle breed. However, they’re now considered semi-feral because of the current endangered status of it and increasing contact with people.

They’re strong and hardy, although the creatures are small in dimension.

They’re great for conservation grazing. So they can survive on poor grazing, Since they are small in size and thrifty in nature.

And their small size and weight that is less compared to other cattle makes them less inclined to damage sensitive swards and soft soils.

The Vaynol cows are very slow to grow and take time to grow


There are less than 150 breeding animals registered in the United Kingdom.

And they are currently listed as “Crucial” over the RBST list.

Presently there are 3 distinct herds of Vaynol cows (formally registered) present in the uk.

The breed is one of the 2 Kinds of Together with the Chillingham, White Park Cattle.

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