What’s a female sheep called?

What is a Sheep Named Female?
Many people wonder about a female sheep’s identity, and are shocked to find that a female sheep is named by several widely used names. The age of your sheep and the role that she plays on the farm are both variables that help decide what should be called your female sheep.
Popular Female Sheep Words & Names

A female sheep can be named many different items and most are a variant of the word “ewe” (pronounced “you” in the United States). Ewe lambs are called young female sheep (under the age of 1 year old). Your female sheep would be called a yearling ewe until your ewe is one year old (and until she is two years old), after which she is also simply referred to as a ewe. Alternately, old ewes are sometimes referred to as brood ewes, a term that shows their position on the farm (these ewes are primarily used for breeding purposes and every year they are relied on to deliver and raise healthy lambs). She is referred to as the dam of those lambs when a ewe has lambs (the father of the lamb is referred to as its “sire”

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