Where did the English Longhorn originate?

The English Longhorn cattle are a multipurpose breed of cows that are raised for milk, meat and utilized as a draught animal before. As the name implies, the breed has a horn and originated in the north of England, out of Craven. It is also known by various other names such as Dishley Longhorn, Lancashire, Leicestershire, and Warwickshire.

These creatures became the breed that was enhanced by Robert Bakewell of Leicestershire, England from the mid-1700s.

English Longhorn cattle breed information

English Longhorn cattle are medium sized creatures and the two bulls and cows have horns.

They are brown reddish, grey or reddish . Their horns curved to round the nose and are extremely long.

There is a white patch along the line of the spine and beneath their bellies. They have lots of similarities with the Texas Longhorn cows breed.

Elevation of the older bulls is about 150 cm at the withers. Along with the cows are smaller compared to the bulls, and their body height change form 130 to 140 kg.

The older bulls weight about 1000 kg. And average live body weight of the mature cows varies from 500 to 600 kg.

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English Longhorn breed information

English Longhorn cattle are raised mainly as a beef cattle breed. They are mostly used for meat production, but also used for its production of milk. They have been previously used for purposes.

The English Longhorn cows have animals that are healthy and long-lived. They have a relatively docile temperaments and are normally quite friendly.

They are of very animals and very great behavior. They reside longer compared to cattle breeds along with the cows are known for easy calving.

The cows are excellent mothers and their calves are protected by them . The cows make milk for their throats and are great for milk production.

Presently they’re raised for meat production, and they create very good excellent meat.


Bakewell initiated the use of inbreeding technique. And the English Longhorn cows breed was picked by him for growth and heavy hindquarters of these animals.

The selection efforts of Bakewell directed the strain to become the most commonly used animals throughout England and Ireland until it exceeded the Shorthorn cattle.

Overall people of those English Longhorn cows dropped rapidly for nearly 200 years before the strain was rescued by the RBST (Rare Breeds Survival Trust).

Along with the attempts of RBST resulted in creatures that were registered in 1980. Presently the English Longhorn cows Can Be Found in United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand.

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