Which goat is best for farming?

Day by day, demand for mutton is growing, especially because of its nutritional value and also because mutton is free of religious taboos. So, a positive trend is shown by the demand and popularity of mutton. It points out that commercial goat farming is required.

Goat farming was not a big portion. Goats are cultivated in the front yard by feeding the kitchen leftovers and herbs. They were produced from goat milk for household consumption of milk and also for making ayurvedic medicine. Commercial farming of goats, particularly for meat, has led to the popularity and growing demand for mutton. For this reason, North Indian breeds are greatly sought after. The most lucrative is goat farming, which also brings many farmers to these projects.

Several forms of goat varieties exist. Others are good for milk while others are good for meat and there are also breeds strictly for the fur.

Food and Milk Top Goat Breeds

  1. Jamnapari Jamnapari
    The most common breed in India for commercial goat farming is Jamnapari. In Uttar Pradesh, it is mostly found. Jamnapari goats have good genes and are stunning. This goat is primarily reared for milk. They are mainly white or yellow, mixed with white and grey areas. They have a curved bone in their nostrils and long, flat, dropping ears. The striking aspect is that they lactate for more than 300 days a year, and they yield about 3 litres of milk per day. Usually, this breed gives birth to one lamb a year. Male goats weigh up to 100 kg, while female goats weigh up to 80 kg. Jamnapari is also grown for meat and is renowned for its taste.
  2. Goat of the Boer
    In South Africa, this breed was established and is the most common breed for meat in the world. They have outstanding growth due to selective breeding. They have excellent heat and disease resistance. They grow quickly and have a high rate of fertility. They are up to 45kg in weight.
  3. Barbari Barbari
    Barbari is a breed for dual purposes, reared for the purpose of dairy and meat. This is a tiny breed found predominantly in India and Pakistan. The Barbari is one of India’s 20 listed breeds.
  4. Beetal Beetal
    This breed is used for the production of milk and meat if it is from the Punjab region of India and is also found in Pakistan. It is also known as Goat Lahori. It’s big in body size and with long ears. For intensive goat breeding, these goats are favoured.
  5. From Osmanabadi
    This breed is primarily found in Maharashtra and is also found in Andhra Pradesh’s western Maharashtra and adjoining parts. This breed’s name is taken from its place of origin. Although it is grown for both milk and meat, for meat it is common. The bulk of the bucks are horned and there might be no horns.
  6. Around Malabari
    The Calicut, Kannur, Malappuram and Wayanad districts of Kerala are inhabited by Malabari goats. This goat breed is from Kerala. Malabari goats are a blend of different breeds. Malabari goats exhibit early maturity and take 8 to 10 months to conceive.
  7. Djakhrana
    This breed of goat is found predominantly in Rajasthan. This is excellent for milk as well as for meat. Jakhrana goat hides are also common in the tanning field.
  8. Sirohi the Sirohi
    They are highly heat resistant and are found predominantly in parts of Rajasthan. Sirohi is bred for meat production in Uttar Pradesh. Usually, Doe gives birth twice a year, typically 40 percent singles and 60 percent twins.
  9. About Surti
    The Surti Goat is one of the best milk breeds in India. This is a very small breed that is native to Surat in Gujarat. To the rear, they are the most economical. The female goats from Surti are bigger than the male goats. Typically, these goats are white in colour. In the open region, they are easily manageable and graze.

Milk of the goat
While in Western countries, goat milk is not very common, it is widely consumed in several other parts of the world. Goat milk is very high in calcium, protein, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, B2, C, D and phosphorus. And all of these nutrients have great health benefits. Goat milk is also known as the best cow’s milk alternative.

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