White Shorthaired goat breed facts

White Shorthaired goat is among the great milk producing goat breeds.

The breed is utilized for milk production. It is suitable for commercial dairy goat farming business.

The White Shorthaired goat is a medium-sized creature. It has similarities. The overall look of the goat is normal for milk goats, powerful but nice boned, deep and long in the body, and long-legged.

They are white in color, shorthaired with no hair that is colored. Some strains maintain the black stains of the characteristic Saanen on the skin of eyelids, the nose, udders, and belly.

White Shorthaired goats have upright ears, and many of them are hornless (about 75-80 percent), together with the polls fixed through orderly selection.

The average height of the White Shorthaired bucks is 75-85cm, also 72-80 for the does.

The bucks on average weight approximately 68-86 kg, along with also the does weight approximately 54-68 kg.

The White Shorthaired temple is composed and mild in character such as the Saanen goats.

They are friendly and are of great behavior. The does are fairly good milk producers, together with the typical reaching 770 liters of milk each 300 times lactation (as a mean of 1994-1998).

Some goats produce more animals raised in the small household may reach 1360 liters of milk. Milk of White Shorthaired goat contains 3.7 percentage of fat and 2.75 percent of protein.

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Although 1 percent of births that are recorded are quadruplets, the prolificacy is currently 190%.

White Shorthaired goat is a breed of domestic goat in the Czech Republic. It increased primarily for milk production and is a dairy product recipe.

The White Shorthaired goat is the end result of selective breeding of native Czech landrace goats crossed out of Switzerland.

The landrace which was enhanced by crossing Saanens from the early 1900s was not uniform in color, largely light-brown into white.

Even the White Shorthaired goat has been known as a distinct goat breed in 1954-1955, and it is currently found across the Czech Republic.

The strain is also called Bilà Kratkosrsta Koza. The population of this White Shorthaired goat is currently numbering a few 35,000, with 97 percent of animals. Although after World War II their number was about 1.5 million (according to Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University).

Now the White Shorthaired goat is principally increased as a dairy goat breed for milk production.

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