Why is animal farming good?

Farm animals raised humanely are better, so we enhance the welfare of farm animals and campaign to modify the most intensive ways of farming.

For everyone, humane animal farming is safer. Longer, happier and more involved lives live animals. High-welfare agriculture can be less detrimental to the environment. And farmers are now willing to earn more. We are therefore collaborating with governments, farmers and customers around the world, advocating for farm animals and partnering with corporations to demonstrate that farming can be safe and profitable.

We work with farmers to enhance animal health and keep animals in an environment where they can act naturally.
Humane farms for livestock, people and the world are better:

Human animal husbandry can use less food, fuel and water than intensive farming, minimising costs and emissions.
Humane farms will build jobs, raise income and sustain safe local food sources.

Humane farms can reduce environmental harm by cultivating crops and animals, recycling nutrients and improving the soil.
When animals are fed and have good welfare, greenhouse gas emissions are frequently decreased.

Welfare of farm animals: Our work
At World Animal Protection, without near containment of livestock, we help businesses and farmers to follow farming practises, as these cause discomfort and distress. And we help establish environments where animals are able to communicate their natural behaviours more easily and move freely, eliminating the need for stressful practises such as tail docking (used in intensive farms to avoid crowded pigs fighting each other).

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