Yanbian cattle facts

The Yanbian cattle are a gorgeous breed of cattle that are primarily used for a draught.

It is a taurine breed of cattle that originated in northeast China. And the Yanbian cattle are spread in the North Agriculture Area of China. They have different ecological conditions.

These breed of cows are primarily employed as draught animals. They are also being raised for meat production, having a dressing percent of 40-48 percentage.

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The Yanbian cattle very strong and hardy animals. They are employed as draught animals in their region in rice production.

The breed is not good, although great for milk production for the production of beef. They are slow to grow, and production potential is restricted.

Yanbian cows are a moderate-sized animal with a predominantly yellow coat color. Both bulls and cows are all horned. The typical height of the cows is approximately 122 cm, and 131 for the bulls. And bodyweight of the bulls is roughly 465 kg and the cows about average weight about 365 kg.

For creating Yan Yellow breed the Yanbians were crossed. Along with the Yan Yellow breed therefore so are good in production and have beef qualities that are enhanced.

This cattle breed belong to the’yellowish’ type of cows that were Chinese. And they are linked to the Korean Hanwoo strain, with diverged from a frequent ancestor from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.

The Yanbian cows had no breeding using cattle that are indicine, unlike other cattle . The breed is mainly dispersed in the Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces, in China.

The overall population of the Yanbian cows was estimated at 210000 animals in 2010.

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