Yurino cattle breed facts

The Yurinos are a dual-purpose breed of cattle from Ukraine. They are suitable for both meat and milk production.

The Yurino cows are extremely hardy and active animals. They are powerful and immune. The cows are good milk producers.

And approximately 5000-6000 liters of milk per lactation they could produce generally. Their milk comprises about 3.8-4.2 percent of butterfat content.

It’s also known as Spiritual: Юpінcькa, Yurinska. The breed was shaped under the sway for almost a century of their Tyrolean and the Swiss Brown on the cattle that were local. After the 1917 revolution, of enhancing the Yurino cattle, the planned breeding work started.

Yurino cattle are medium-sized animals. They are reddish or brown in colour with shades. Their skin is loose, elastic with hair cover.

White markings are sometimes found on the thighs and on the lower socket. They have mild but horns and streamlined head.

They have big dewlap and their neck is wide and flat. Udder of the Yurino cows well developed broadly distribute teats and is medium in size with quarters.

Even though roughly 700 kg is reached by some cows average dwell bodyweight of these cows is about 480-500 kg.

And the bulls on typical weight some bulls, about 650-700 kg can weight about 900 kg or more.

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